How Much Does It Cost To Move a Mobile Home in Georgia

If you’re planning to move your mobile home to Georgia, you should know a few things. Most importantly, you need to find out the cost to move your manufactured home in your local area (Georgia).

Contrary to what the name suggests, mobile homes aren’t really that mobile, especially the modern ones. You can’t really just tie it to the back to your truck and drive off. Moving a modern mobile home is a formidable task. You’re expending energy, money, and time to move.

The cost of moving mobile homes depends on many factors. This article should serve as a guide and estimate for your typical costs of moving a mobile home in Georgia.

Depending on your requirements and many other factors, you may need to spend around $700 to $20,000 while moving your mobile home to Georgia

Before finding out the exact rates from movers, you have to determine whether you want to get a full-service or a transport-only move. Let me explain what these terms mean. 

Mobile Home Mover/Transportation In Georgia
Mobile Home Mover/Transportation In Georgia

Full-service Move: You’ll get a full setup plus a moving facility in this type of service. The movers will disconnect the utilities, skirting, and fixed structures of your mobile home. Then hook your mobile home to their vehicle to move it to a new place. After reaching the destination, they will reinstall everything again. 

That means you can stay relaxed while they do all the hard work for you. 

Transport-only Move: This service is limited to hooking your mobile home to a towing vehicle, moving it to your new place, and detaching it from the vehicle. You have to pack your belongings, disconnect other structures yourself, and keep your home ready to move. 

What Factors Influence The Cost Of Moving A Mobile Home in Georgia 

With the right crew, you can easily move your mobile home from one place to another. They will also educate you about the legal permits and Georgia regulations of your new home location. 

Different moving companies have different pricing policies, and these prices are made based on various factors, including-

  • Size of mobile home 
  • Setup Services 
  • Labor costs 
  • Travel distance 
  • The location 
  • Legal regulations
  • Transportation costs etc. 
Move TypeDistanceMobile Home TypeEstimated Cost
Full-service moveUp to 60 milesSingle-wide$3000-$5000
Full-service moveUp to 60 milesDouble-wide$4000-$10,000
Full-service moveUp to 60 milesTriple-wide$10,000-$14,000
Transport-onlyUp to 60 milesSingle-wide$700-$1000
Transport-onlyUp to 60 milesDouble-wide$2000-$2500
Transport-onlyUp to 60 milesTriple-wide$2600-$3500

If you’re interested in a transport-only move, it might cost you around $700 to $3500. And for the full-service move, you may need to spend around $3000 to $14000.

The Size Of The Home

The size of the home is one of the biggest deciding factors on how much the moving cost will be. As you can imagine, bigger homes are more expensive to move. Because they’re harder to maneuver and spend up more gas.

Weight Of The Mobile Home

While old mobile homes weigh anything around from 35 to 40 lbs per square foot, the newer ones weigh about 45 to 50lbs per square foot. And as the house gets heavier, it gets substantially harder to move the house. So inevitably, the cost of moving the home increases.

Materials Used To Build Your Home

Metal and vinyl are the most popular materials for skirting and sidings in mobile homes. Depending on which material you choose to go with, the overall cost will vary.

The Condition Of the House

The state of condition of your mobile home also plays a part in determining the cost of moving the home.  If the house isn’t in the best condition, then it needs to be moved more carefully. Essentially, if the mover needs to take more steps to assure the safety of the home, then the price naturally gets bumped.


You’ll need a permit to move your mobile home to Georgia from another state. Getting a permit can be a hassle, but usually, the mover company helps you to acquire the moving permit, so you don’t need to stress over that. You’ll also need a “set up” permit to install your home in a new state.

The Distance Of The Move

The more distance you want to cross, the more it’ll cost. Most companies charge around $4 to $5.50 per mile as their towing vehicle rent. If you want to get a pilot car, the cost is much lower, around $1.50 to $1.65 per mile. 

5 Useful Tips That Will Help You 

You may want to know these tips before moving your mobile home. I hope they help you.

  1. Compare Before Hiring: You need movers to transport your mobile home to a new location. Before picking your moving company, make sure you compare quotes from different service providers in Georgia. You can also ask others for referrals and browse for reviews online. 
  2. Discuss Everything Beforehand: Say, you want your movers to clean up after moving. Or move your AC and set it up, or anything else that may cost you extra. Discuss the charges beforehand if you have something you want to move that is not included in the original scope. 
  3. Check HUD Standards: You need to ensure that your mobile home meets all the HUD requirements of the new place. You’ll find information regarding your home’s wind zone, roof load, and snow load on your HUD data plate inside your trailer. 
  4. Keep Your Location Ready: Before moving to a new place, you must prepare everything. Clean and level your land where you want to move your home. Also, don’t forget to contact your utility companies. You have to update your address and apply for a new connection within a specific time. Otherwise, you might be left without water or electricity after you move. 
  5. Do DIY Work: Save some money by collecting some boxes for free and packing your belongings yourself. You can also secure your home structures like doors and windows with coverings. Make sure to declutter unnecessary things and pack all the items not part of your mobile home structure. 
HUD Data Tag for Mobile Home
HUD Data Tag for Mobile Home
Prep land Site for Mobile Home
Prep land Site for Mobile Home
Pack Items to save on Moving Costs
Pack Items to save on Moving Costs

Closing Thoughts 

There’s no definite answer to how much it costs to move your mobile home in Georgia. Depending on various factors, moving your mobile home in Georgia can cost anything from $700 to $20,000. Use this post as a rough guide to calculate your cost. I’ll suggest you get professional help to move your mobile home to another location. You can always cut a few expenses by doing some DIY work but do your best to hire a skilled team of movers to transport your mobile home.

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