How To Sell Your Mobile Home In Georgia

Selling a mobile home that must be moved or a home located inside a mobile home park can be complicated and intimidating.

If you’re looking for how to sell your mobile home in Georgia, you’ve come to the right place! Mobile Home Gone makes selling your mobile home anywhere in Georgia simple and easy.

Whether you’re stuck trying to figure out a mobile home title issue, you can’t find a good mover, or you need a little extra time for your new home to be built/delivered, we want to help!

How The Process Works

Selling your mobile home in Georgia is easier than you think! Our process is simple and we have the flexibility to work with each unique situation. Take a look at the steps below for our mobile home buying process:

  • Call and tell us about your mobile home, your situation, and your selling goals.
  • We will make an offer right away. Sometimes even over the phone!
  • You can take some time to weigh your options to decide what is right for you.
  • If you accept, we will handle everything and close in a matter of days!

Give us a call at (762) 218-2284 or fill out the form to get started.

What is the timeframe to sell my mobile home?

After you tell us a bit about your mobile home, we will get to work creating a customized offer. If you choose to accept, we are able to close in only a couple of days. Of course, if you need longer, we will oblige. We will always work on your schedule.

Tell us about your mobile home.

Schedule your walkthrough.

Receive a cash offer, & close quickly.

Get a cash offer today for your mobile home!

We will work on your schedule and handle everything. From the paperwork to the cleaning to the repairs, we got it covered! There are no commissions, costs or hidden fees to worry about!

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Manufactured Home Facts You Probably Didn’t Know:

Fact 1: The average cost to have a singlewide moved and setup in the southeast is roughly $5000.

Fact 2: A 2019 study showed that 81% of Americans have less than $5000 in savings.

Fact 3: Very few banks will make loans on used mobile homes that don’t include land. This means to you will likely have to find a cash buyer.

There are high moving costs, little to no financing options, and a small number of qualified buyers makes selling a mobile home without land time-consuming and difficult.

What does this mean for mobile home owners trying to sell their home without land?

We know how painful it can be to try to sell your mobile home and deal with all the nuances of getting it move ready, inspected, and transported off of your property.

We are direct buyers who can make an offer and close on your mobile home quickly!

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