Can You Live In A Mobile Home Permanently In Georgia

Mobile homes have recently experienced a surge in popularity. Although a mobile home is not great for everyone to live in, it can be a great option for some, particularly the younger generation. A mobile home can be a very appealing low-cost alternative to a traditional house. It could be the best option depending on … Continued

How Much Should I Sell My Mobile Home For

Thinking of selling your mobile home? Nowadays, mobile homes have a pretty big market. A lot of people like the idea of having a cozy, affordable, minimal lifestyle. So, a lot of people are considering mobile homes. That has created a surge in demand for mobile homes. But the first thing that comes to mind … Continued

How Long Do Mobile Homes Last In Georgia

There is a common misconception that mobile homes don’t last very long as their construction is not as good as a traditional house, which can’t be further from the truth. Mobile homes in Georgia are made from similar materials as conventional homes. The only thing differentiating them is that mobile homes in Georgia are built … Continued

How Often Should A Mobile Home Be Leveled In Georgia

Most people don’t consider that mobile homes need to be leveled every so often. It helps to provide structural integrity to the mobile home. As a general rule, mobile homes need to be releveled every 3 to 5 years. This is essential to maintain your mobile home and prevent deterioration over the years. However, homes … Continued

2022 Mobile Home Code Laws in Georgia

Due to the ever-increasing prices of permanent housing and rentals, mobile homes are becoming a very popular alternative. Mobile homes are a popular housing choice for many people because they are typically more affordable than traditional stick-built homes, and they can be placed in various locations. Mobile homes in Georgia are often used as vacation … Continued

Interior Design For Mobile Home

Interior Design For Mobile Homes In Georgia

Deciding on the interior design of your mobile home is one of the most creative and daunting tasks. Figuring out the color scheme of your home, or the furniture you want, or the paintings you want to hang – there’s so much to do. It can be quite stressful as it involves a lot of … Continued

Foundation For Mobile Home

Types Of Mobile Home Foundations In Georgia

A strong foundation is the most crucial part of any structure. And mobile homes are no exception. A good foundation ensures the durability and longevity of a mobile home. Although mobile homes are pre-manufactured, they still need a foundation laid at the home site. It gives the home stability. There are various types of foundations … Continued

Mobile Home Tie Downs

What Are The Requirements For Mobile Home Tie Downs?

Since mobile homes are lighter compared to traditional homes and a bit elevated from the ground, they require special protection. They need to be permanently attached to the ground using the correct tie downs. Not having proper protection will damage your mobile home and pose safety issues, especially during storms or hurricanes. Mobile homes need … Continued

How To Repair A Mobile Home Roof

It’s no secret to mobile homeowners that mobile home roofs don’t last the longest. These roofs just don’t work. Eventually, their materials wear off or get damaged and need repair. The damaged roofs can’t handle harsh weather conditions like rain, snow, hail, and high winds. Which, in terms, causes leaks. Mobile home roofs are made … Continued

How Much Does A Mobile Home Cost In Georgia

What does it cost to buy a mobile home in Georgia in 2022? Mobile homes have made a resurgence in popularity recently, especially among youngsters. Although mobile homes are very different compared to traditional homes, not everyone needs a traditional home. A mobile home can be a great option for people on a budget, trying … Continued

How To Unfreeze Pipes in A Mobile Home

Mobile homes can be exciting unless it’s winter. The cold frozen Georgia environment during winter can bring you a lot of hassle if you live in a mobile home. One of the most Common issues is your pipes freezing in winter. If the icy pipes stay untreated, they can crack and burst at any moment.  … Continued