5 Documents You Need Before Selling Your Mobile Home

Many people purchase mobile homes for the sole reason that they’re more affordable. They’re also not affixed to a foundation, and they can be transported from one location to the other. That being said, after some time, many find the need to move to a larger, more permanent home, and some decide to sell their mobile home.

So, if you are looking to sell your mobile home, you may be wondering what documents you need to sell it. Well, here they are:

1. Your Mobile Home Title

You need a title for your property, just like you do for any other kind of real estate. If you bought your mobile home for cash, your title should be in your name. If you financed it, your lender should have a lien line as well. You’ll also need the original purchase contract or a copy if it’s a long time since you bought your trailer.

Georgia Mobile Home Title
Georgia Mobile Home Title

2. Your Purchase Agreement or Contract of Sale

The seller may have a contract of sale with the buyer, which is a contract that should be signed and notarized. The buyer should also have the title for his or her property, or the seller should have it. If the buyer doesn’t have the title, then the seller should hold it with his or her attorney.

3. A Bill of Sale

The bill of sale is a simple piece of paper where you write down the legal owner of your mobile home, the sale price, and the date of the sale. This can be made in the presence of a mobile home inspector.

Georgia Mobile Home Bill of Sale
Georgia Mobile Home Bill of Sale

You’ll need these items on your Bill of Sale:

  • Buyer Name
  • Seller Name
  • Mobile Home Manufacturer Name
  • Year Manufactured
  • VIN
  • Serial/HUD Label Number
  • Buyer Address (City, State, Zip)
  • Buyer Phone Number
  • Seller Address (City, State, Zip)
  • Date of Sale
  • Seller Signature
  • Buyer Signature

4. The Tax Clearance Certificate

If you bought the new mobile home, you should have received a tax clearance certificate at the time of purchase. If you bought it used, you should have received one at the time of purchase. You need to have the certificate in your possession if you plan to sell it, and if you don’t have it, then you’ll have to get one from your local tax office. This is a formality that ensures that you aren’t selling the home without first paying your taxes.

Georgia Mobile Home Tax Clearance Certificate

5. A Fictitious Business Name Statement

If you used to live in your mobile home and ran a business from it, you need a fictitious business name statement (FBN) and a business license for said business. You might be wondering how you can manage that. Well, the good news is that you don’t really have to. You don’t have to put your FBN on the mobile home title, and you won’t even have to use your FBN for sale. You just have to make sure that you don’t forget to turn your FBN to the Secretary of State’s office before you sell your mobile home.


Selling your mobile home may sound intimidating, but it really isn’t. Just make sure you have all the legal documents necessary to sell it, and you should do just fine. You’ll also want to make sure that your mobile home is in good condition before you sell it because that will surely attract more buyers. If you need help while selling your mobile home, you may want to contact a mobile home expert like a professional appraiser to help you estimate its value, and you can even reach out to an agent to help you sell the home faster and for good money!

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