Georgia Mobile Home Title Transfer and Replacement TIPS

What is a Georgia Mobile Home Title?

Does your Georgia mobile home have a title? A title is a document that refers to the rights of a property to its owner(s) and what an owner can do with it – such as the right to use, access to land, potential to modify and transfer the portion you own to others. There will be a defined title document that includes specifics for each section of a mobile home, ex—one for a single-wide and two for a double-wide.

The Georgia motor vehicle department will issue your mobile home title. This document will include: serial numbers, home’s vehicle identification number, make and model, the year it was built, name of the existing owners, description of the property, and more! This is all information needed when you are going to buy or sell your Georgia manufactured mobile home. This important document needs to be kept in a secure place. If you lose the title, you can also get a replacement copy. If you need a replacement, call your local county taxes and tag office and ask about a replacement title for your mobile home. To get a replacement title for your mobile home the mobile home must be in your name! If you owe taxes on your mobile home they may also make you pay these before giving you a replacement manufactured home title.  You will have to pay a small fee in exchange for your title. At the time that this article is written the cost to replace your Georgia mobile home title is $8 in most counties. 

How do I fill out my Georgia Mobile Home title?

When transferring the title after a sale, a few steps need to be followed. The buyer needs to verify the seller has the title and is the valid owner and has any hidden liens or back taxes on the home. You do not need a title to be notarized in the state of Georgia. You will, however, need to have a signed bill of sale by the seller listed on the title. It is also best practice to meet your buyer at the county tax and tag office. This will ensure the home is moved out of the seller’s name and into the buyers in a timely manner. If the buyer fails to transfer the mobile home into their name your county may find you liable for future property taxes owed on the home. After closing, the new owner will receive the title by mail, indicating who now owns the property. The previous title is no longer valid – you must let the auditors’ office know when you receive this document. Congratulations on your beautiful Georgia mobile home and do not forget to keep your title safe!

Georgia Mobile Home Title:

Front of Georgia Mobile Home Title
  • Pink/Purple- This is where the mobile home VIN number is located. VIN stands for “Vehicle Identification Number”. Just like a car, each mobile home has a unique VIN number associated with each mobile home. If you’re looking to buy or sell a mobile home it’s important you put this information on the bill of sale. You can also use the VIN number to call your local county tax office to make sure the mobile home taxes are paid.
  • Blue- This section will include the owner of the mobile home’s name. If the name in this section is not the legal name of the person selling you the mobile home they likely do not own the home. Be sure that the person who signs on the back of the mobile home is the same person whose name is printed in this section.
  • Yellow- This is the mailing address for the mobile homeowner. The section is not overly relevant unless you notice that the name and address in this section are different than the name of the homeowner. If this is the case the home may have a mortage/lien on the home that must be paid before the home can be purchased. Be sure to check the red and green section of the title to make sure this lien has been released.
  • Red- The red section of a Georgia mobile home title is where lien holder will be listed. there may be one or multple lien holders on the title. Before a home can tranfer ownership you must be sure all these liens have been paid. Check to see if liens have been released by checking the green section of the mobile home title.
  • Green- The green section of your Georgia Mobile home title is where lien holders sign their release of liens. Before you purchase a mobile home be sure that each lein has been released by the lien holder.
Back of a Georgia mobile home title

When signing the back of Georgia mobile home title be sure that the buyer and seller sign under the correct section! Signing a mobile home title in the wrong area can cause the title to be invalid and you will have to get a new replacement title.

Above is an image of where the seller signs on the back of a mobile home title. Once the seller signs and date the mobile home it is important that the buyer signs the back and takes the home to get transferred into their name. Failure to transfer the title into the buyers name within a reasonable amount of time can results in the county finingg a buyer during the title transfer process.

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