Tips For Selling Your Georgia Mobile Home

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How to Sell Your Mobile Home

Are you looking to sell your Georgia Manufactured home? Buying, living in, and selling a mobile home can be a wonderful experience.  We, here at Mobile home Gone want to help you keep it that way by telling you a few mistakes that first-time mobile home sellers should avoid! 

Sell Your Mobile Home: Advertising

The most common mistake is not advertising enough. There are tons of people out there just waiting to buy you Georgia manufactured home, but without advertising, they may never meet you!. Advertise your home in places such as a sign in your front yard, a Facebook marketplace ad, Telling friends and family, or a listing in a mobile home Facebook group. Getting the word out will help bring in more potential buyers.  Make sure your mobile home is well-maintained and looks attractive, and has a well-researched price attached to it.

Sell Your Mobile Home: Closings

Another common mistake is assuming your house is sold before it is officially closed. There have been many cases where a buyer can mislead you to believe they are ready to buy your Georgia manufactured home and instead change their mind last minute. Look into your offer and make sure it is within your comfortable price range. Never assume your home is sold until you have the agreed-upon cash in hand, the legal fees are handled, and you have transferred the ownership and keys to the buyer – until this time, keep up the advertising! Remember the classic sales saying “Buyers are liars”. 

Sell Your Mobile Home: Buyers

Some Georgia mobile home sellers begin to feel bogged down by the time it takes to sell their Georgia manufactured home and rush into a sale. Know how much your home is worth, and keep your faith in the process. There are many buyers in Georgia, some may be in your town or in other local cities. If you’re listing a home in Baxley, Georgia don’t be surprised when you have buyers interested in cities such as Brunswick, Hinesville, or Tifton, GA. Buyers are often willing to travel long distances to find a great mobile home like yours. 

But, be warned, moving mobile homes long distances can be difficult. If you’re selling a mobile home in Macon, GA an interested buyer from Dalton, GA may not be your best bet. They may have the money to buy your home but, if it must be moved, finding a mover to take on this length of job can be very difficult.  Finding the right buyer may take time. It is better though to find the right buyer the first time, instead of having to go through the process multiple times with buyers who can’t perform. 

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Sell Your Mobile Home: Taking Payments

Occasionally, you will find a buyer who can buy your beautiful Georgia mobile home in cash. Other times, it is easier to agree on monthly payments and a payment plan. If you do end up with payments over time, you should get a lien recorded. A lien is your claim to the property. The lien will tie the buyer to the property until they have paid the whole amount. Your Georgia county will have the court filing and follow the legal regulations to ensure you get paid in full. You can put a lien on a mobile home at the local tag office when the buyer transfers the home into their name. 

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