How To Unfreeze Pipes in A Mobile Home

Mobile homes can be exciting unless it’s winter. The cold frozen Georgia environment during winter can bring you a lot of hassle if you live in a mobile home.

One of the most Common issues is your pipes freezing in winter. If the icy pipes stay untreated, they can crack and burst at any moment. 

How To Unfreeze Pipes in Your Georgia Mobile Home

Before that happens, check your pipes. Find out what is causing the problem, and deal with it yourself. If you don’t want to call a mechanic right away, I can show you easy ways to unfreeze the pipes of your mobile home. 

Spot The Problem First

You can do a simple test to find out the root of your problem. Simply turn on your water line to see if the water is running. If you see the water is not coming out, there might be a problem with your main water line. It may be frozen. 

If the water is coming out just fine, we can say the main water line is okay. Still, there can be frozen pipes somewhere in your system that can cause you problems. You can locate frozen pipes visually or by touching the pipes. 

There are several ways to unfreeze your pipes. I’ll describe them below-

Use A Heat Gun: You can use heat guns which are used in most construction projects here. It’s much easier to use on pipes. You need to set the temperature right and point the gun at the pipe. Make sure you set the temperature between 125 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit and not over it. 

Use A Hairdryer: Yes, your regular hairdryer can be used here to thaw the pipes. A hairdryer is much safer and easier than heat guns. You can easily blow hot air on your frozen pipes in a delicate way. You can also adjust the heat settings of your dryer to make the operation gentler. 

Use Wet Warm Towels: Forget those heating machines. You can thaw out your frozen pipes with warm towels too. In such a case, you have to use wet and warm towels on the pipes and replace them every 10 minutes with another warm towel. This process is a bit slower, but you can try it if convenient for you. 

Pour Salt: Salt can lower the freezing point of ice blocking your pipes. You can pour salt down your sink to make ice melt slowly. Sometimes this way can reach frozen pipes easily and melt ice. However, it’s a process that may take some extra time. 

Use A Space Heater: When your water heater room is causing the issue, you can use a space heater to crank up the heat. It can easily thaw ice out, keep the room warm, and prevent freezing pipes. Note that a space heater can be an object of a fire hazard, so use it with caution. 

You can use these methods and unfreeze pipes yourself, even without professional help. After fixing your pipes, make sure there are no more reasons that can cause frozen pipes again. 

To avoid such issues, use the following techniques. 

Prevent Refreezing 

Turn On All Pipes: By doing so, you can reduce pressure from the pipes and help get the ice moving after you’ve melted them by thawing the pipes. 

Heat Your Home: Keep your home heated enough, which will prevent refreezing of your pipes. 

Check For Holes/Leaks: Check the skirt or underbelly of your mobile home for holes, cracks or leaks. If you find any, that can be why your home is getting cold with outside air. You need to patch every hole to ensure your home stays warm after unfreezing your pipes. 

Fix Heat Tape: Make sure your heat tape is functioning well because it’s what keeps your main water line warm. Touch the heat tape to see if it’s warm. If it’s not feeling warm, plug it in again and see if it’s working properly or not. If it still has a problem, replace it with a new one. 

Get Better Insulation: If your heat tape is working just fine, but the water line is still causing issues, a draft may be causing it. To prevent freezing, you have to install better insulation and start heating up your room slowly. 

To Wrap It Up

There you have it. Everything you need to know about unfreezing pipes in a mobile home. One last tip – your pipes may get frozen frequently in winter, so check your pipes often to make sure they’re in good condition.

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