Types Of Mobile Home Foundations In Georgia

A strong foundation is the most crucial part of any structure. And mobile homes are no exception. A good foundation ensures the durability and longevity of a mobile home. Although mobile homes are pre-manufactured, they still need a foundation laid at the home site. It gives the home stability. There are various types of foundations available for mobile homes in Georgia. Depending on your needs and budget, you must choose the right one. In this post, I’ll talk about the types of mobile home foundations in Georgia and help you decide which one would be the best for your use case.

Let’s dive in.

Mobile Home Foundations

You can choose from various types for your home in Georgia such as pier and beam, basement, crawl, and slab foundations. 

Let’s check out these options so you can make the best decision for your home in Georgia.

Pier And Beam

Pier and beam is one of the most widely used foundation types for mobile homes. It works great in all kinds of ground and soil conditions. With the pier and beam system, anchors are used to hold down the house to add stability and rigidity and to help withstand strong winds.

The anchors are plunged into the ground with steel straps attached. They connect the anchors to the main beam. The steel straps require regular tightening during their lifespan. Stabilizer plates ensure that the anchor heads are kept in place, preventing movement.

Pier and beam systems are one of the most affordable options available. The installation is also a lot faster compared to other options. Not to mention, it can be used in seismic areas and areas with flood hazards. Its steel anchors make it great for areas with heavy frost. It also offers incredible wind resistance.

Pier In Georgia
Pier And Beam In Georgia


A slab system is the best mobile home foundation if you’re looking for the most cost-effective option. The slab is a large sheet of concrete that acts as a platform that provides structural support to the mobile home. The slab acts as a platform rather than a floor, so there is a small crawl space underneath the home.

Depending on various conditions, the foundation may or may not be insulated. This option is usually very easy to install on mobile homes. Homes need to be permanently anchored to the foundation so steel anchors are used to hold it down to the slab. This option is best suited for locations with soils prone to expansion or freezing.

This is one of the more affordable types of foundation for mobile homes. It also doesn’t require a lot of time. It’s great for flood hazard areas and seismic areas. It can also withstand heavy winds and frost, but it’s not very good for sloping lots. 

Slab In Georgia
Slab In Georgia

Crawl Space

As the name implies, the crawl space systems make a deep burrow within the home’s foundation. Concrete is then poured to create footers into the soil. The homes frame sits on perimeter walls and is supported by piers.

This crawl space walls support the weight of the home while keeping it off the ground. This is perfect for areas with high humidity or even frost. It also provides resistance against termite infestation.

A crawl space system costs more compared to the other two options. It also takes a bit longer to complete. It can withstand harsh winds, but isn’t ideal for hurricane-prone or flood-prone areas. But it works well in almost any climate.


Basement systems provide strong structural support and add additional living space to your home. These foundations need to match the measurements of your house precisely. They also need to meet specific building codes depending on the city. Mobile homes are usually anchored to the basement foundation using straps.

Basement foundations are usually the most expensive option due to the difficult and time-consuming installation process. But they offer extra living space and resistance to earthquakes and frost. They can also be used on sloping lots, but they’re a bad choice for flood hazard areas.

Basement In Georgia
Basement In Georgia

To Wrap It Up

The kind of system that is best for your mobile home depends on various conditions. Foundation inspections are needed in order to secure many different loans for homes in Georgia. Use the information provided to make an informed decision on what is the best option for your home in Georgia.

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