7 Tips to Help You Sell Your Mobile Home Quickly

If you’ve lived happily in your mobile home for years, it makes sense to sell it once you’ve saved enough money to buy a site-built home. The only question is, how can you sell it fast so you can finally buy a house? Here are a few useful tips to get the best value out of your mobile home.

1. Fix Any Maintenance Issues

While a home inspection is always a good idea, this is especially true with a mobile home. Be sure to fix anything on the list of things you have to do if you plan on selling your mobile home. Even a minor repair can turn away a house buyer, so don’t ignore anything on the list. You don’t want to turn off a potential buyer. If you have no choice but to sell it “as is,” be honest with your potential buyers.

Mobile Home Maintenance and Repair
Mobile Home Maintenance and Repair

2. Clean It Up Well

Besides cleaning the exterior and interior to their best appearance, try to get rid of anything that has any signs of damage or neglect. Fix or remove broken windows, torn wallpaper, and frayed carpets. It’s also good to remove anything old or dusty from inside and outside the house. Also, don’t forget to remove any of your personal items before you list them for sale.

Pressure Washing Aluminum Siding on a Filthy Single Wide Mobile Home
Pressure Washing & Mobile Home Clean Up – Extreme Pressure Washing & Detailing

3. Know Your Market

Before you start selling, know who your buyers are. Get to know them by visiting mobile home sales sites and by asking your real estate agent for their contacts. This way, you’ll already have potential buyers in mind when you start marketing your house to them. Also, ask your agent for the best way to sell a mobile home. Not all mobile home buyers react the same way, so this is important.

4. Use a Mobile Home Appraiser

Appraisers are affiliated with lenders, so they will tell you if they’re interested in buying your mobile home. You can get a general idea of what a potential buyer can offer you based on appraisers’ opinions. They’re also skilled in assessing the condition of your home so that you can get a more accurate appraisal for your property. You’ll know whether you have to make improvements or if you can sell it as is. In some cases you may be required to have an inspection (check Georgia Manufactured Housing Permits) performed on your mobile home before selling it.

Mobile Home Inspection In Georgia
Mobile Home Inspection in Georgia

5. Advertise Correctly

The best way to sell your mobile home is to advertise it on mobile home sales sites and local classified ads. You can choose to use print media, but it’s not as effective as online advertising. You can also ask your real estate agent to help you list it online. Selling a mobile home is not as easy as selling a regular house, but it’s not impossible either. Just make sure that your home is in the best condition, and you’ll surely get the best price for your home.

6. Sell at the Right Time

Mobile homes can be sold all year round, but the best time of the year to sell a mobile home is in the spring and summer when there are more buyers out there. If you’re selling in the winter or in the fall, be prepared to lower the price of your mobile home. Also, it’s good to advertise your mobile home in different locations during different times of the year. This will help you find more potential buyers.

7. Find Mobile Home Cash Buyers

When you need to sell your mobile home, it’s essential to find the right buyer. You don’t want to sell it for a lower price than what it’s worth.

Find mobile home cash buyers to get the best price for your mobile home while still being able to afford a new site-built home.


Selling a mobile home can be a simple process, especially if you know who to sell it to. Mobile home buyers are looking for specific things in the best condition. You can sell your home fast if you know who your buyers are and if you know how to market it properly. When you have a good agent, you won’t have a hard time selling your mobile home.

Finding a buyer for your mobile home has never been this easy! Mobile Home Gone is here to help you buy and sell mobile homes across Georgia. Whether you’re buying or selling your mobile home, our team is here to give you some of the best deals you can find. You won’t find a mobile home buyer that will give you a reasonable cash offer within a day. Contact us today to get started!

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