Preparing Your Georgia Land For A Mobile Home

Are you looking to make your Georgia property perfect for a mobile home? Below, we will go through the steps to make sure it is done right!

Step 1

The first step is to allow enough time – this process will usually last at least 14 days (maybe more depending on your local regulations and mobile home mover arability), so you need to allow plenty of time before bringing in your new home. Keep in mind that if you live in a more populated part of Georgia (Atlanta, Macon, Savanah, or Columbus, GA) it may be more difficult to get a mobile home moved to your land because of increased local restrictions

Step 2

Step two is to survey your spot and ensure it is a good place for a mobile home. Is the land that you desire and level? Do you like the neighborhood and neighbors? Once you have found the perfect spot, and it is all yours – mark your boundaries! These boundary lines will help you get a feel of your land and where you want to put your home, driveway, and more! Once you have your blueprints, be sure to apply for any permits you may need and do it at least three weeks ahead of moving! These permits range by location, but one example would include a transport permit to move your home to your land! Other things to research would be what your county regulation requirements are for mobile homes. Some regulations may include, a block foundation, certain porch size, or mobile home required roof pitch.

Step 3

The next step may be to set the concrete pads. Concrete pads are not required in all Georgia counties but are becoming increasingly popular in county requirements.  In mobile home parks, the slab the home sits on is typically already there, but you may still want this for your patio or driveway. The size of these slabs must follow the guidelines set out by your local Georgia government. You will also need to install utility connections for things such as your electricity and water – these should be ready for you already if you are moving into a manufactured home park.

Step 4

The next step is getting the mover of your mobile home ready. The company of you choose must have all the proper permits, and you must pay for these permits. You will also want to call this company ahead of time to see how long obtaining the permits will take. In the state of Georgia, there has been a shortage of mobile home mover for the last 2-5 years. Many movers may be as far as two weeks to a month out before they can begin moving your home. Be sure to ask your mobile home mover about his availability before getting started. Another great question to ask your mover is what all services they provide. Many movers no longer perform the setting up of mobile homes (connection of utilities, attaching skirting, etc.). If your mobile home mover doesn’t provide setup services you may need to call a mobile home set-up company so they can help secure your home onto the concrete for safety and legal reasons.

Step 5

Once your Georgia manufactured home is in place, you will need to connect and test all of your utilities – this may include an inspection being present depending on local regulations. Once your utilities pass the test, you can add on your awnings and apron. Ensure your awning fits local law for strength and code compliance, and enjoy your new home!

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