Mobile Home Soft Spots: Repair Tips

Do you have a soft spot on your mobile home floor?

Many mobile homes have soft sections on their floor due to water leaks, leading to repeated exposure to moisture. This may be due to cracks in your windows, kitchen appliances, washers, or most often, your bathroom pipes. There may be soft spots due to keeping a pet’s water dish in the same location or other actions leading to water accumulation. There are many culprits possible, so investigate around any soft area. The fix can be as simple as caulking your window or as large as having to replace your floor.

So how will you go about fixing the soft spot on the floor of your mobile home? The first step is being able to get to the subflooring. Remove any carpet, tile, linoleum, or vinyl from your Georgia mobile home to get to the subfloor. Once there, measure your subfloor’s thickness to set the blade of your circular saw to the correct length. Slowly cut out the subfloor in small sections to ensure you will not sever any pipes or wiring or hit any joists when removing the pieces.

Next, measure the room you are re-flooring, affix boards between your joists, and lay down your new floor while stopping periodically to ensure the floor is even! Next is to cover the floor back up. Do you want tile or vinyl? Does linoleum or carpet interest you? Visit mobile home supply stores or your local hardware store. 

If you’re looking for a mobile home supply store they may be a little harder to find. There aren’t many mobile home supply stores in Georgia. If you have a mobile home in a bigger city like Atlanta or Augusta you may want to plan on making a trip to a smaller GA city to find a mobile home parts store!  Mobile home parts stores may not be necessary if you are only planning on replacing the subflooring, but some mobile home parts such as doors can be custom sizes and may be easier to find at a mobile home parts store. These finishing touches can help make your Georgia manufactured home safer and homier.

Remember when looking to fix a soft spot in your mobile home it’s always better to do it sooner rather than later. A soft spot repair is often far less expensive if addressed quickly. 

Hidden soft spot in a mobile home

Tips for fixing mobile home soft spots:

  • Identify the cause of the soft spot so you don’t have to continually repair the same area.
  • Be sure to check for black mold that could be caused by the moisture surrounding the soft spot. If you do find mold be sure to handle it with safety. 
  • When making repairs be sure to cut out the entire soft spot. Leaving a small section unrepaired can cause more headaches down the road.
  • Consider if it’s worth replacing the section or putting in an entire new piece of plywood. If the size of the soft spot is large enough it may be less complicated to replace the entire sheet of plywood that is affected. 
  • Mobile Home soft spots can be hidden by carpet. Not all soft spots are visible to the eye. Be sure to check the entire area when you have noticed your home has some sort of water damage, leak or floor weakness.

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