Mobile Home Manufacturers in Georgia 

Are you in the market for mobile homes? After doing some research, you might undoubtedly be daunted by all the available options. With so many manufacturers providing mobile homes, it’s rather hard to choose the right manufacturer.

With traditional home prices increasing daily, people gravitate towards mobile homes as an affordable alternative. And it’s not like you’re compromising on anything, either.

Modern mobile houses have open floor plans, covered porches, and attics. They are all significantly less expensive overall than their traditional counterparts with the same functionality. A standard home in Georgia typically costs roughly $311,832. Georgian mobile homes, on the other hand, typically cost roughly $112,000 on average. Which is less expensive than the national average for mobile homes. All you need to do is find the right manufacturer.

I’ll help you choose the best mobile home manufacturer in this post.

Let’s dive in.

Buying A Mobile Home In Georgia

If you’re considering transferring your mobile home to another state, Georgia is an excellent area. The state is a wonderful area to reside in because it is known as the “Land of Peaches,” with numerous historical sites and amazing friendliness.

The cost of living in Georgia is less than the national average. The average price of a mobile house there is $112,000, compared to $200,000 for standard housing. Making it an incredible deal given how resourceful and beautiful the state is. Even though the average price of a mobile home in this area is $112,000, costs can change based on a few other aspects, including the home’s size, construction, and any modifications you might make.

Best Mobile Home Manufacturers In Georgia

When buying your mobile home, you must get the best quality one for your money. You’ll live in it, so compromising quality isn’t an option. 


Champion Homes

Without a doubt, champion home is one of the most popular mobile home manufacturers there. And for a good reason. They’re one of the first mobile home manufacturing companies. They’ve been quality mobile homes since 1953. Over 1,700,000 homes have been constructed by this Michigan corporation, which works out of 28 factories across North America. 

They’re well known for manufacturing several kinds of mobile homes, even modular homes. They also provide commercial office buildings. They’ve received several awards for their outstanding quality and splendid designs. They’re highly well-regarded in the mobile home industry.


Fleetwood Homes

Another big mobile home manufacturer in Georgia is Fleetwood homes. They’re undoubtedly one of the top mobile home manufacturing companies. They are one of the pioneering companies in mobile homes, founded in 1950. Although now they’re subservient to Cavco Industries, they operate on their own for the most part, operate on their own.

They have an extensive catalog of mobile homes listed all over the U.S. They even provide multi-story models for mobile homes.


Clayton Homes
Clayton Homes

Another great company with a rich legacy is Clayton Homes. Founded in 1956, they’ve built their legacy and popularity over the years by providing quality mobile homes. They also recently passed a massive milestone of selling over 34,000 units in just one year in 2015. This just proves that you can’t go wrong with choosing their mobile homes. And the fact that they won MHI’s retailer of the year award 11 out of 12 times makes it all the better.

And their designs aren’t anything to just brush off. With 4 prizes, they totally dominated the design categories in 2017 with MHI Awards. They even won the Manufacturer of the year and Outstanding interior design awards, displaying their complete dominance over the industry at the time.


Deer Valley Home Builders
Deer Valley Home Builders

Deer valley home builders are one of the best modular home builders. Their homes are known for withstanding harsh conditions and standing up for years. They’re also a great option if you’re considering a mobile home on a permanent foundation. They have a plethora of floor plan options. With so many options and customizations available, deer valley makes a compelling offer.

To Wrap It Up

It’s important to purchase the highest quality mobile home you can afford when you purchase one. Compromise on quality is not an option because you will live in it. This post will help you choose the best mobile home manufacturer in Georgia.

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