How To Sell Your Mobile Home: The Problems

There are many difficulties that come with selling your mobile home on your own. Read on to find out what common problems are and how to avoid them when selling your mobile home.

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Scheduling Your Mobile Home Buyers

One major problem is the buyer scheduling process. When selling your Georgia mobile home, make appointments with potential buyers. Some buyers will stick to time commitments, others may have a problem arise and need to reschedule. If a potential buyer continues to request rescheduling, make them aware of this problem and value your time as well. If a viewer is serious about your home then they will make time for your Georgia home.

Tip: Want to maximize your price when selling your mobile home? Try scheduling showings in close time slots. The slightest overlap of buyers can create a higher demand for your home and let buyers know that they aren’t your own interested party. 

Buyers backing out:

Another issue that may arise is when a potential buyer backs out of a deal. You can always take this issue to court and seek monetary remedies from your potential buyers’ breach of contract. You can also simply relist your property and look for another Georgia buyer to follow through with the process.

Tip: When a buyer commits to buying your mobile home, try negotiating a non-refundable deposit before you stop marketing your home. Even a small deposit of $100-1000 is usually enough to make sure the buyer is truly committed to closing the deal. Taking your listing on and off-market multiple times can make it more difficult and frustrating to sell your mobile home. 


Another scenario that may come up is negotiation. Research how much your Georgia manufactured home is worth and stick to your bottom-line number. Look at local prices of comparable Georgia mobile homes  If your mobile home isn’t being sold with the land be sure to use comparables from a larger area. Selling a mobile home that must be moved in Hinesville, Georgia? Try using local comparable in nearby cities such as Savannah, GA or Jesup, GA. If you live in a city close to the state line like Valdosta, GA you may use comparables of both Florida and Georgia mobile homes.  Wherever your Georgia mobile home is located if the mobile home is being moved it’s usually safe to compare it with similar mobile homes that must be moved within a 40-60 mile radius.  

Walk-throughs can be nerve-racking for any owner who is trying to sell their mobile home. Potential buyers may tarnish the beauty and value of your home. Before you begin showing your Georgia mobile home, speak to your insurance agent and ask if your belongings are covered in certain incidents. When inviting a stranger to view your home incident can occur, try to feel prepared and stay safe. Good luck selling your Georgia Mobile Home!

Tip: In traditional real estate it’s common practice to “stage a home” with furniture to give it a more “homey feel” for future buyers. When it comes to mobile homes this can be true when selling a home as well. However, when you’re trying to sell your mobile home fast, it can often be easier to have the home completely empty. When the home is empty you don’t have to worry about potential buyers damaging or stealing any of your personal items. Since you have less worry about buyer damages it will be easier to show the home to many buyers simultaneously. The more buyer you show the property to in a short amount of time, the easier it is to sell your mobile home fast. 

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