How to sell your mobile home fast GA!

Tips for selling your mobile home fast in Georgia

Are you looking to sell your mobile home fast in Georgia? We have some tips and suggestions on how to get this done!

Think like a buyer:

The first step to selling your mobile home fast is to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and ponder if this house would pass your inspection – such as roof leaks, messed up plumbing, holes in the wall, nice skirting, etc. Also, make sure that your house will pass the inspection needed to put your home on the market and call professionals in Cordele, Americus, Austell, or your local Georgia city to check your foundation, plumbing, electricity, and more. Make sure to fix any problems that you deem fit and freshen up any odors in your home to ensure it will entice your potential buyers.

Secondly would be to call a real estate agent if you’re selling your mobile home with land. You can always choose to sell your Georgia manufactured home yourself, but real estate agents tend to have connections that will make this process a lot easier and faster.  Look for a real estate agents in Villa Rica, Fairburn, Austell, or your local area, as they may be able to navigate the local Georgia real estate climate easier. You can also discuss pricing with your agent.

What if my mobile home needs to be moved? 

If you’re looking to sell a mobile home fast without land, inside a mobile home park, or a mobile home that must be moved, call a local mobile home expert that specializes in homes that must be moved (try us here at Mobile home Gone). Finding buyers interest in an affordably priced mobile home is often the easy part of selling your mobile home. Unfortunately, there is a big difference between buyers who are interested and those who have the funds, land and knowledge to be able to have the mobile home moved off your land and out of your life. Working with a mobile home expert who focuses on helping sellers with mobile homes that must be moved can save you both time and money. 


Research your area to price your Georgia mobile home attractively to get the most bang for your buck, as well as off of your hands quickly! One way to do this is to search on Facebook. Facebook marketplace, as well as mobile home buy and sell groups, can be a great place to find comparable mobile homes to help you with your pricing

Another great option is to reach out to companies in your Georgia market that buy mobile homes. These companies can get your Georgia manufactured home off of your hands quickly and for a reasonable price. 

Prepare Your Paperwork:

Here at Mobile Home Gone, we can often buy your mobile in as little as 48 hours. However, the one problem we consistently run into that doesn’t allow us to buy mobile homes quickly is that the homeowner does not have the proper paperwork to sell their property. If you’re looking to sell your mobile home quickly make sure you have all your paperwork ready to sell. 

The paperwork you need to sell your mobile home fast:

  1. Does your mobile home have a title?
  • If you’re selling a mobile home without land it must have a title to be sold
  1. Is the title in your name?
  • To sell a mobile home the owner on title must sign the back of title as well as the bill of sale. If you bought a mobile home but never put it in your name be sure you transfer the title in your name before trying to sell your mobile home
  1. Tax Receipts
  • Before a home can be transferred into a new owner’s name all taxes must be paid on the home. Often counties will require a buyer to provide copies of the tax receipts when they go to transfer the home into their name. Be sure to have these receipts ready for your buyer if you’re looking to sell your mobile home fast in Georgia. 


The key to selling your mobile home fast in GA is research and preparation. If you do the proper research to set the right price for your home, or find the right mobile home  buying company, and you are prepared with the right paperwork, selling your mobile home fast should be easy!

Whatever you decide, remember to do your research, and good luck selling your Georgia manufactured home!

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