How Long Do Mobile Homes Last In Georgia

There is a common misconception that mobile homes don’t last very long as their construction is not as good as a traditional house, which can’t be further from the truth. Mobile homes in Georgia are made from similar materials as conventional homes. The only thing differentiating them is that mobile homes in Georgia are built in factories and shipped to the homeowner’s plot. They’re even strong enough to withstand harsh weather.

According to the National Association of State Energy Officials, over 22 million people in America live in mobile homes. As they’re affordable, comparatively manageable, and energy efficient compared to a traditional home. Considering all that, a mobile home seems like a great option for a lot of people. But before you buy a mobile home, it’s only natural that you want to know how long they last compared to traditional homes. The answer can vary as it depends on a few factors.

In this post, I’ll inform you on how long mobile homes last in Georgia.

Let’s dive in.

How Long Do Mobile Homes In Georgia last?

Mobile homes in Georgia that follow HUD regulations and are regularly maintained then it can last anywhere from 30 to 50 years. Strict manufacturing regulations are a significant reason mobile homes are now designed and manufactured to last decades. Mobile homes are required to follow federal manufacturing standards. Only after the U.S. Housing and urban development approval can the manufacturing process begin.

On top of the U.S. Housing and urban development standards, they also need to comply with local weather and environmental standards. Any mobile home built after June 15, 1976, is guaranteed to last up to 50 years.

Why do Mobile Homes Last As Long?

A common question among new homeowners or people looking to buy mobile homes is, why don’t they last as long as traditional homes? But many mobile homeowners will definitely disagree with this statement as their house laster over 50 years. After creating HUD building standards, these regulations kept improving things like wind resistance, fire resistance, better plumbing, and a sturdier build. And some of these mobile homes are reaching the age of 50.

The longevity of mobile homes highly depends on the weather. The weather in Georgia, for the most part, is great. But it can get pretty humid. And when it rains, it rains hard. So, the materials used to build mobile homes, such as: fiberboard, pressed board, and particle board can get damaged over time due to humidity. In a lot of cases, you have to fix the roofs and floors, but most owners at one point replace the entire home instead.

Georgia Mobile Home
Georgia Mobile Home

Mobile homes fare way better in drier conditions compared to wetter climates. And it doesn’t apply to site-built homes but cars too.

And the quality of the materials also has a big impact on the house’s longevity. 

Factors That Affect The Longevity Of Mobile Homes

Several factors can reduce the lifespan of a mobile home. Here are a few factors that reduce the longevity of a mobile home in Georgia.

Poor Installation

If the mobile home isn’t properly installed, its structural integrity gets compromised. And over time, you get to see its effects. This may cause many problems, such as: foundational problems and water damage. So, before buying a mobile home, inspect if it was properly installed.

Foundational Problems

Problems in a home’s foundation can significantly reduce its lifespan. A poor foundation can cause the foundation to shift on soil and compromise the strength of the framework. Which will cause leaks and cracks in walls. It may even cause the doors to crack.

Water Damage

Another big problem that could significantly reduce a mobile home’s longevity is water damage. Be it leaking roofs or a leaking pipe, water can cause extensive damage to your mobile home. Leaks can cause the plumbing to freeze during cold weather, and during summer, it can create molds due to humidity. And worst, if water leaks into an electrical socket, it can short circuit and potentially electrocute you.

Mobile Home Water Damage
Mobile Home Water Damage

To Wrap It Up

Although a mobile home in Georgia can last up to 30 to 50 years, it can still outlive its life expectancy if maintained properly. So, find the best location and ensure a proper installation.

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