The Four Biggest Deal Breakers for Selling A Manufactured Home That Must Be Moved In Georgia

The Four Biggest Deal Breakers for Selling A Manufactured Home That Must Be Moved In Georgia:

Tips For Selling A Manufactured Home That Must Be Moved

Very few buyers and even fewer sellers have any idea of what all goes into moving a mobile home.
From cost to permits to laws and regulations, it can be a confusing and overwhelming process.
Below are tips to help close the deal on selling your mobile home that must be moved.


Laws You Need to Know:

The most important law you need to know is that you can’t move a home built before 6/15/1976. This was the beginning of government regulations of mobile homes building standards. Since there were no set standards before this date the D.O.T. in most states will not allow the home to be moved.

Laws Your Buyer Needs to Know:

What are the unique laws of their (the buyer’s) county? Because you’re selling a home that
is being moved, the likelihood that your buyer may be a resident of another county is very high.
Laws regarding mobile homes vary from one county to the next. Similar to typical residential
zoning laws, which mobile homes most also follow, counties have unique laws regarding the
specification of the homes they allow in. Mobile home laws may include restrictions such as age,
width, roof pitch, siding, foundation, and more. Be sure that your buyer is familiar with these laws
as you do not want to commit your time and effort to a buyer who ultimately cannot perform.


As mentioned above, there is little to no financing options for used mobile homes that must
be moved in many parts of the country. The lack of traditional funding means that over 95% of
used mobile homes sold by individuals will be sold all cash.
Considering the average household income of a mobile homeowner in the US is $34,000
per year it’s important to carefully consider your buyer when pricing your home. As a seller, you
should always look to get the maximum value out of your home. It is still important that you
consider all costs involved for your buyer. Remember, you’re selling a mobile home that must
be moved. The average cost of moving a mobile home is roughly $5,000 per section in most parts
of the United States. The moving cost is another financial obligation your buyer must take on when
purchasing your home.


This one is obvious but needs to be mentioned. The biggest thing that sets selling your
home that must be moved apart from the traditional home selling process is, of course, the actual
move itself. Finding a mover who is available and able to move the home for your buyer is a major
key to getting your home sold. Take the initiative to call around and talk to local mobile home
movers. Find out which movers may be available during the time frame you need the home moved
and how much they charge to move the home within a 50-mile radius. Finding out this information
ahead of time will greatly increase your chance of closing the deal, save your buyer a ton of time
and help you better determine a fair asking price.


There can be many different markets even within the same state. Here in the state of Georgia, a homeowner trying to sell a mobile home that must be moved near Kennesaw will face different sets of challenges than a mobile. If you’re selling your mobile home in a rural area in south Georgia such as outside the cities of Columbus, Tifton, Albany, or Valdosta, GA you will like find it easy to find a mover for your mobile home. Rural areas like south Georgia have a large number of mobile homes and mobile home movers. South Georgia also has lenient laws making it easier for a buy to be able to move a mobile home onto their land. The difficult part of selling a mobile home in south Georgia lies in the buyer’s ability to pay. Because of the lower cost of living and low wages in south Georgia, many buyers do not have the funds necessary to purchase and move a mobile home.

On the contrary more populated and wealthy areas like the counties surrounding the cities of Atlanta, Augusta and Athens have a large number of well-funded buyers but many restrictive counties that pass laws that. Counties in coastal Georgia have a lot of mobile home movers and qualified buyers. Seller looking to sell their homes in coastal Georgia should research windzone laws that may restrict local buyers’ ability to purchase homes not built to various standards.

These are just a few examples of some of the varying markets around Georgia. For more info and to get a CASH offer on your home feel free to give us a call at 762-218-2284. Or fill out you information below and a team member will call you ready to help!

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Final Notes:

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