Can You Live In A Mobile Home Permanently In Georgia

Mobile homes have recently experienced a surge in popularity. Although a mobile home is not great for everyone to live in, it can be a great option for some, particularly the younger generation. A mobile home can be a very appealing low-cost alternative to a traditional house. It could be the best option depending on where you want to buy it and your budget. And because of its cheap cost, more people are interested in it. And a lot of people are asking the question if they can be lived in as a permanent home. However, the short answer would be yes. But for most people, it depends. You have to weigh the pros and cons and ask yourself if it is for you.

In this post, I’ll help you determine if a mobile home can be your permanent home.

Let’s dive in.

Can You Live In A Mobile Home Permanently?

Mobile homes are a great affordable option for many people, especially first home buyers or people who want a quiet place to live. But for some people, it’s a necessity rather than a hipster option. Around 20 million Americans live in mobile homes. And they make up the biggest source of unsubsidized cheap housing in the country. So, although you have an option of whether you want to live in a mobile home permanently or not, for a lot of people, it is a permanent house.

Pros To Live In A Mobile Home 

To live in a mobile home rather than a traditional home may offer a lot of benefits. Having a look at the pros and cons can give you an idea of if living there permanently is something you want to do.

Living In A Mobile Home
Living In A Mobile Home

Maintenance Is Easier

Mobile homes are far easier to maintain than traditional homes. To live in a mobile home offers you the benefit of owning an actual house while not dealing with land maintenance and avoiding property taxes. The lot fee you pay for parking your mobile home also includes water, recycling, garbage pickup, and sewer maintenance. So, it’s a pretty sweet deal.


Another great reason to live permanently in a mobile home is its affordability. Compared to a traditional home, it’s way cheaper to buy and maintain. Depending on the location, to live in a mobile home can, on average, go around $88,200. Whereas a traditional home goes around $335,000. And lot rent can go from $200 to $300. With everything considered, it’s still a lot more affordable than a traditional home. And the best part is that mobile homes don’t have property taxes, unlike traditional homes. So, you save a significant amount there.

Surprisingly Spacious

Despite what people think, mobile homes can be quite spacious, and in a lot of cases, you get to have a lot of amenities that you might not have gotten with a traditional home. A double-wide home comes with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and even a garage. And you get it all for a fraction of the price of a traditional home. And for living alone or living with a small family, a single-wide home does the trick.

Community Benefits

Living in a mobile home provides an incredible community experience. All the homeowners in a park form a community and share a special bond. A lot of communities host fun events for the inhabitants. Usually, they’re located in convenient areas that can be easily accessed. You also get a lot of space in between homes. And not to mention, you won’t have any neighbors upstairs bothering you with an obnoxiously loud noise or pe rental fees.

Highly Customizable

Contrary to traditional homes, mobile homes are a lot more customizable. You can decorate your interior with custom designs, you can even downsize the whole thing. These homes are designed to fit everything in a small space. You can even choose your favorite flooring. There are almost limitless options for you to explore. It can be a very cozy and beautiful place to live.

To Wrap It Up

Nowadays, mobile homes are a great option compared to traditional homes. They offer benefits just like traditional homes for a far lower price. Mobile homes are just like traditional homes but movable. So, most people consider to live in one as a permanent home.

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