6 Compelling Reasons to Consider Life in a Mobile Home

Mobile homes are an attractive option to home buyers who are not quite ready to settle down. Is it a permanent residence? Or is it a vacation home? With so many different types of homes, the options are seemingly endless. 

Consider these five benefits of purchasing your very own mobile home.

1) Saves You a Ton of Money 

A mobile home is cheaper than a traditional home. The cost of building a traditional stick-built home can cost thousands of dollars and takes years to build. A mobile home can be purchased in a relatively quick manner. You will only have to pay for the property as well as the mobile home, which is significantly less expensive than a traditional home.

Factor in that most mobile homes also offer a warranty that can last a lifetime, and it’s even more reason to consider buying a mobile home.

2) Gives You a Sense of Community

When you decide to buy a mobile home, you will be given the option to buy or rent a lot. You can choose the community you want to live in and even get to know your neighbors. Mobile home communities are often close-knit, with neighbors and owners taking great pride in their community.

The sense of community that develops in mobile home communities is a plus for people who enjoy the company of others.

Sense of Community In Mobile Homes - Georgia
Sense of Community In Mobile Homes – Georgia

3) Environmentally Friendly

It is sometimes hard to find a home that is environmentally friendly. Most traditional homes use a large amount of energy and resources. Mobile homes, however, are much more cost-effective and consume less energy.

Proud Green Homes - Energy Efficient Manufactured Homes in Georgia
Proud Green Homes – Energy Efficient Manufactured Homes in Georgia

Consider the fact that mobile homes are constructed on wheels and are easy to relocate when you need to, and you have yourself a winner.

4) Completely Safe Community

Mobile home communities are well-protected and offer a great sense of safety. Mobile home parks offer more than just the security of knowing your home is protected. It also offers the peace of mind that your community is safe for your family and friends.

5) Offers Tremendous Value

Another benefit of buying a mobile home is the value. In many cases, mobile homes will increase in value. You can sell your mobile home at any time and recover a substantial amount of money. When buying a mobile home, you will have the opportunity to pay off your loan in a relatively short period of time. You can even choose to rent it out while you are waiting to make a profit.

Purchasing a mobile home is the ideal alternative to a traditional home. Mobile homes offer a number of benefits to their owners. With these benefits, there is no doubt that mobile home living is far more desirable than any other type of living environment.

6) Flexible Living Situation

For those who are not sure about where they want to settle down, a mobile home is a perfect option. While it is a home, it also has the flexibility to be moved, if necessary. 

In the event that you find yourself wanting to relocate, you can. You can choose to buy a new mobile home in your new community, or you can choose to sell your mobile home and move somewhere else.


There is no better option than buying a mobile home. Mobile homes are a great alternative to owning a traditional home. When you buy a mobile home, you can choose the location you want to live in and even the community that you want to live in.

If you want to experience the mobile home lifestyle for yourself, Mobile Home Gone can assist. We are a mobile home dealer in Georgia that can help you get the home that you want. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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